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If you use an iPod and want to download mp3 music from your personal computer, you should install iTunes software on your computer. iPod download music from computer via iTues which supplied by Apple company. iPod is a name of an MP3 player manufactured by Apple Inc., while other players are just called different things like Microsoft's Zune. The iPod's touch wheel is a special navigation feature. Other players cannot have this. Imitation iPods are built with a slightly different click wheel. An iPod does not have features like FM Radio, which may be found on some other MP3 players. An iPod does not have a SD card slot (so far) or any other form of expandable memory. An iPod cannot play .wma, wmv formats.

An iPod is a type of mp3 player. An mp3 player is any portable device that plays mp3s. An iPod just happens to do a lot of other things: watch video, surf the web, play games, etc.

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mo3 is a digital music format and an ipod is an mpe player. not all mp3s can be played on an ipod however. apple has a digital security code (a codex) that will only allow music downloaded from the apple itunes store to play on it. it will not recognize other mp3 downloaded music. phillips and sandisk makes several excellant mp3 players that will play any mp3 formatted music

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An ipod is a type of mp3 player.

mp3 players are devices that play a music file called mp3. Ipods are made to play mp3's.

Ipods are mp3 players that apple makes (with a cool name)

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Absolutely nothing! An iPod is an MP3 player that has become so popular that it's practically a household name. By definition, an MP3 player is a unit that stores digital music files, which is exactly what an iPod does. Now the entire Apple lineup prefers to have their music in an AAC format, but will accept the more commonly known MP3 format. So when you're looking around for the right unit for you, keep in mind that they all do the same general thing (store your music) but it's the little things that could make a difference for you.

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Ipod is pretty much just a brand name and there are a lot of different versions of ipods.

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Q: What is the difference between an mp3 player and an iPod?
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What is the size difference between an ipod and an MP3 player?

Well it depends. Every ipod and every mp3 player have a different size. So really you could buy an mp3 player that has more space than an ipod. It just all depends on what size you buy yourself

Is there a difference between iPod and MP3?

nope just has the title ipod

What is the difference between a portable mp3 player and a standard one?

I don't think that there is a difference. Any iPod or Zune type mp3 player is portable but there are also standard versions of it. You may be thinking of a computer program, such as itunes that is an mp3 player without being portable.

What is better and iPod or an mp3 player?

An iPod is an MP3 player. Is that true?

What is the difference between an ipod touch and an mp3 touchscreen?

they are different brands

What is the difference between an mp3 and an ipod touch?

well there's really no difference really its just that ipod is more popular and it has lots of fancy stuff like pictures and sometimes videos. but who needs all that. what you need is the cheapest mp3 player that actually plays music and there you go!

What is the iPod?

An iPod is a music Mp3 player

What is the Different between MP3 and Ipod?

.mp3 is a file system of an audio sound file, which is `compressed' by an algorythm. An Ipod is a type of audio player made by Apple.

What is the difference between an mp4 player and an mp3?


which iPod is the best one to get?

The most basic difference between an iPod and an mp3 player is the format of the music. IPods use music from iTunes, whereas mp3 players use music from other systems, such as windows media player. The best iPod option is the newest option - the itouch4, because it has the newest technology and updates available.

Difference between MP3 player and a MP3 recorder?

The Difference of an mp3 and mp3 recorder is the mp3 is a electronic portable. An mp3 recorder is an electronic divice like an mp3 but you'r allowed to record

What is better an iPod and a mp3 player?

An ipod is a very popular and high quality mp3 player. While mp3 players may be less expansive, you might not get the to notch quality of an ipod.