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A invention is a finish product by the creator. This product works completely and almost perfectly and is ready to use by everyone. However a prototype is a product in its early stages. The product either is not safe to use, or has many flaws. A prototype is not a finished product while a invention is a finished product

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Q: What is the difference between an invention and a prototype?
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How to make a prototype of invention?

You can draw up the blueprints for the invention and take on a partner or hire a company to make the prototype. The alternative is to be creative enough to make the prototype on your own.

What is the purpose of a plastic prototype?

The purpose of a plastic prototype is to test invention, attract investors, and or get the companies to license the invention idea. And the overall purpose is to make you money from invention idea.

What is the difference between innovation and invention?

there is no differnce

Discuss the difference between the Prototype model and the Meta model?

haha no1 knows

What is the difference between system development life cycle and prototype?

A System Development Life Cycle is the process of developing a system or software. Prototype is the process of creating examples of software applications,

The difference between invention and discovery?

Invention is to make something new while discovery is to find something that is already existed.

What is the difference between a concept car and a prototype car?

a concept car is one that is a one of design and a prototype is the first cars of a new model made to test and iron out bugs and make improvments

What is the difference between a prototype and a model?

A model dosent necessarily need to function where as a prototype needs to function. for example "Inventor" a 3D modeling program made by AutoCAD makes digital models, that don't function. a prototype needs to function so that you can do tests on it.

What is the difference between kamen rider alternative and alternative zero?

alternative zero is a prototype or a clone and alternative is the real one.

What is the difference between an invention and discovery?

Invention makes or develops something that did not exist. Discovery finds real (non-abstract) things that are already exsistant.

What is the cost difference between a prototype and the final production?

Dont get confused - first of all the prototype - means buliding a predetermined model by designing work, done by designing softwares, then its nature is checked with various failures it can lead and rectified.

Why you use simulation?

simulation means process of testing an existing or new invention for modification or use by means of a prototype.