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a radiator is used to cool down the engine using a liquid, whereas an intercooler is used to cool the air going to the engine or cooling the air comming from a turbo. What that does is that there will be more air particles in a defined volume of space if the air is cold, compared to hot air in the same volume of space. This is due to air contracting in cold temperatures. The result is more air going to the engine and therefore more generating more power.

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Q: What is the difference between an intercooler and a radiator?
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Does an intercooler replace a radiator?


On a Dodge ram 3500 with Cummins turbo diesel engine what is the thing in front of the radiator?

Air conditioning condenser. Right in front of the radiator is the Intercooler and then in front of the intercooler is the air conditioner condenser. Could also be a trans cooler, a power steering cooler... a bumper....

Does the peugeot 407 2.0 liter hdi have a turbo intercooler 2005 model?

yes its at the side of the radiator

What is an intercooled turbocharged engine?

Intercooler just refers to the radiator type device that cools the air that goes into the turbecharger.

Where is the map sensor Volvo s80?

Inlet tube going into intercooler radiator (front of car, driver side).

Can you reapair a leak in the intercooler radiator?

Yes. A really good TIG welder can do this. Ask around at radiator shops. JB Weld never works on this kind of stuff.

Whats the difference between a 22re and a 22r engine?

a 22re is a radiator ignition and a 22r is just the radiator.

What is the max temp difference between the radiator ends?

pls answer.. Urgent`

Where is the thermostat located on a Toyota MR2?

Up next to the firewall on the bottom radiator hose, on the right side near the intercooler, on the MKII

What is the difference between 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder radiator?

Size and shape.

What is the difference between water in a radiator and antifreeze?

water can freeze. anti freeze can not.

Can a car turbo run without a intercooler?

A car can run with out an intercooler, but if it was designed to have an intercooler, the driveabilty will be affected.