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It is really interesting question. by the way, if it is roughly understand then the meaning should be like all 3M (Man, Machine & method) are known as resources & the rest 1M i.e Material is known as input of a process.

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Q: What is the difference between an input and a resource?
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The difference between and input force and an output force is that an output force is force exerted by a machine, and an input force is force exerted on a machine.

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What is the difference between output and input?If you sing into a microphone you can hear the microphone's output.Sound coming out of the power amp to the speakers.That is the input of the loudspeaker.Do you see the difference?Your voice is the microphone's input. Its output is electrical impulses that are input to the amplifier. The amplified impulses are the output of the amplifier and input to the speaker. Sound waves are output of the speaker and input to your ears.

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