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They are actually thesame,cause all load transmit from the vehicle to the road through the wheel.

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Q: What is the difference between an Axle load and a Wheel load?
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What are the parts of wheel and axle?

fulcrum load effort

How is a wheelbarrow a wheel and axle?

It isn't. A wheel is only a "wheel and axle" if it has an axle fixed to the wheel so that a mechanical advantage can be obtained to apply mechanical force. The wheel on a wheelbarrow only reduces friction by rolling instead of sliding a load.

What simple machine does a wheelbarrow use to lift a load?

A wheel and axle....

How do you find the mechanical advantage of wheel and axle?

you have to divide idk * * * * * You can find the ideal mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle by dividing the radius of the wheel by the radius of the axle.

How would you use load in a sentence?

I will load the car. The truck's load is too heavy. Load the wheel barrow with plants. The load limit is 4,000 lbs. per axle.

what are disadvantages of wheel and axle?

Your load could slow down depending on how much force applied.

Where is the load centered if the distance from the handle to the wheel axle is 4 feet?

Assuming the load is evenly distributed from the wheel to the handle, it would be 2 feet. But if it is a wheelbarrow, there is more load over the wheel than load at the handle end when lifted, so my estimate would be 1.5 feet from the wheel.

What lever has the resistance force between effort force and the falcrum?

That would be a Second Class Lever. An example is a Wheel Barrow. The wheel axle is the fulcrum, the handles and Bin are the lever, and of course the load is in the bin.

What is the mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle mechanism in which the radius of the axle supporting the load is 6 inches and the diameter of the drum to which the force is applied is 24 inches?


What simple machine does a wheel barrel have?

The simple machines are:LeverInclined planeWheel and axleScrewWedgeA wheel barrow is typically thought to have just a wheel and axle but it should be noted that the positioning of the handle, axle and load produces a lever system which allows heavier loads to be lifted.

The fulcrum is between the load and effort?

No, not always. Consider the wheel-barrel: the fulcrum is the wheel, the load is the bucket, the effort is the handles.

What is the difference between AC and DC line load?

No difference a load is a load however AC/DC defines the type of a load that is.

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