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even i dont know the difference how can i answer

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Q: What is the difference between aicte and naac?
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Is dibrugarh university aicte apporved?

it is UGC Reconised, AICTE, naac approved also with AIU

Is vit aicte approved?

Yes. Its approved by AICTE and is internationally accredited. NAAC gave is an A grade and so did NBA.

What is the difference between NBA and NAAC?

NAAC has institutional grading approach and the NBA has programme grading approach.

Is Vinayaka Mission University NAAC approved?

Vinayaka Mission University is not approved yet. but it is approved by joint commitr of UGC, DEC, AICTE

Is dr mgr university approved by aicte to conduct part time b tech mechanical?

yes btech fulltime and part time from dr mgr university chennai * approved by aicte and ugc * accrediated by naac with b++ and nba. all the best..

Is PK Institute of technology hathras road sonai mathura approved by AICTE?

No,it only offers distance education from IASE University that offres and RVD university that offers B Tech.It is not approved by any UGC,AICTE,DEC,NAAC,............only ISO

When was the NAAC founded?

naac was founded in 1994 by u.g.c.

Is university of petroleum and energy studies dehradun is approved by aicte?

No, UPES is not approved by AICTE but it's recognized by UGC Act, accredited by NAAC, 1956 and it is also memeber of of AIU. Thus, it doesn't even require AICTE approval. Otherwise, first of its kind in Asia, UPES is widely reputed for its unique academic programs, well experienced faculty and good placements.

What is the molarity of a sodium acetate solution with a pH of 9.05?

Concentration sodium acetate (C(NaAc)) solution with pH = 9.05 will have to be 0.21 mol/L NaAc, while pK(NaAc) = 9.23Calculate with these formula: [OH-] = SQRT[K(NaAc) * C(NaAc)] soC(NaAc) = [OH-]2 / K(NaAc) = 0.21 mol/L NaAcin which [OH-] = 10(-14 + 9.05) = 10-4.95 = 1.12*10-5and K(NaAc) = 10-9.23 = 5.89*10-10

What is difference between AICTE approved college and UGC approved college?

AICTE approval is specific for the college, course or Institute but UGC approval is for Universities. Colleges offering UGC approved courses doesn't require additional compliance except the university approval but AICTE approved colleges needs to satisfy certain criterion to please AICTE.

Is Bitspillani has AICTE approval for MS program as correspondence course?

From what I can tell, the school is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Counsel NAAC. For detailed information go Viper1

Is janardan rai nagar rajasthan vidyapeeth university aicte approved college?

Hi, Its approved by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has graded it with B++ grade & Recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC) but as far as AICTE is concerned I guess its more has to do with technical education, so all I can suggest is that its good for distance learning.

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