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Adsorption is when a substance gets absorbed INTOthe surface of another substance.

Condensation is when a substance collects ON the surface of another substance.

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Q: What is the difference between adsorption and condensation?
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What is difference between adsorption and biosorption?

apko krna hai yi

What is the difference between condensation of water vapour and condensation of soft drinks after they evaporate?

the only difference there is that the soft drink condensation has a few additives in it. other than that there is no difference.

What is the difference between film and dropwise condensation?

The rate of heat transfer in dropwise condensation is more than film type condensation.

Difference between contaminant adsorption and absorption in saturated ground water?

Contaminant adsorption is the variety of contaminants in the environment. Absorption in saturated ground water is the process that is used to get rid of pollution from groundwater.

What is the difference between Drop wise condensation and film wise condensation?

heat transfer rate high

What is difference between liquifaction and condensation?

Condensation is the change from the gas to liquid . Liquefaction (melting) is the change from solid to liquid.

What is the Difference between evaporation condensation precipitation?

evaporation is a method to condensing

The main difference between the nebular and condensation theories is that the condensation theory stresses the importance of to the formation of planets.?

interstellar dust

What is the main difference between condensation and evaporation?

evaporation is the process of water going from a liquid to a gas. condensation is the formation of clouds

What is difference between a cool drink and a cold drink?

A cold drink has condensation.

What is the kids definition of condensation?

How are we to know the difference between 'kids definition' and 'definition'.

What is the difference between precipitation and condensation.?

The difference between condensation and precipitation is that condensation is the transformation of state from a gas to a liqiud and precipitation is next stage after condensation where waterdroplets become larger and larger so as they fall under gravity in form of rain from the cloud.