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email address is individual person address but web address is public address.

email address is different for every one in the world but web address is same for every one in the world.

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Different between website address and email address

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Q: What is the difference between a website address and an email?
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What is the difference between email address and website address?

E mail means electronic mail, while a site will give you details.

What's the difference between a gmail address and a google apps email address?

The Google apps email address is for you to access the app store. It is not an actual email address.

What is the difference between URL and email address?

a URL is what you type into that blank space for your webpage. i.e. the URL for wiki answers would be: a URL is a link to a certain email address is used for is not a website, therefore it is not a URL.each email address is send stuff to the owner of that email address.

What is an email address you can use on imvu?

if u don't want to use your real email address on a website try name@website .com

Remove your email address from this website?

To remove your email address from a website, you typically need to unsubscribe from the site and any newsletters. If you have a profile on the website, to remove your email address, you nee to cancel your profile or account.

What is Jill duggars email address?

Jill Duggar does not have a public email address. Check the family website for a general family email address.

What is jinger duggar's email address?

Jinger Duggar does not have a public email address. Check the family website for a general family email address.

What website can you go to so you can email Vermont?

Any website, as long as it is to an Email address to Vermont.

What is Sony corporation email address?

ON the website?

What is the difference between user name and email address?

An email address is the address at which one receives email and can be obtained for free from many service providers on the Internet, including hotmail, gmail, and yahoo. A user name is a name which a user of a website uses to identify oneself, both for log-in and for social purposes. Many people often use the section of the email address prior to the at sign (@) as their user names in order to better remember them, but they can be entirely unique and distinct from ones email address.

What is You tubes' email address?

YouTubes website address is

What is a difference between webmail and email?

Difference between webmail and email are : Webmail is the mail account of a particular website and it is the media to contact to the administrator of website by this account you cant send e-mail to any where but email account of, etc are free for sending message to any where around the world.

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