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That the watershed is drained and a divide are separated by each other.

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A watershed is an area of land where all surface water flows to a common point, such as a river or lake. A continental divide is a geographic feature that determines the direction that water will flow on a continent, separating the watersheds that drain into different oceans or seas. In essence, a continental divide is a high point that divides watersheds.

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Q: What is the difference between a watershed and a continental divide?
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What is the difference between divide and watershed?

i have on clue

What is the difference detween divide and watershed?

There is actually no difference between a divide and a watershed. Both divides and watersheds are lines implemented to designate the separation between drainage basins.

What is the diving line between the Atlantic and pacific watershed?

The Great Continental Divide, which mainly follows the general line of the Rocky Mountains.

What is the technical word for the Continental Divide?

It is a hydrological divide or drainage divide. Some also call it a ridgeline, watershed or water parting.

What the differ between divide and watershed?

i have on clue

What do you call the point from which the rivers flow to the opposite sides of the continent?

In general, such a point is a WATERSHED. In north America, the continental watershed is known as THE GREAT DIVIDE.

What directions do rivers flow from the continental divide?

The Continental Divide divides the region into two large drainage areas. To the east of the Divide, waters, flow to the Arctic Ocean, to the Hudson Bay, or to the Atlantic oceans through the Mississippi River system. To the West, they flow into the Pacific Ocean

Where is Europe's continental divide?

There is a watershed that stretches from Gibraltar to the Caspian Sea in Russia. It separates water that flows into the Atlantic from waters that drain into the Mediterranean.

What is the dividing line between atlantic and pacific watersheds?

Continental Divide is the drainage that divides sea or ocean. The Great Divide or the Continental Divide of the Americas is the division of the Pacific Ocean watersheds from the Atlantic and Arctic.

What elevated boundary between areas are drained by different river systems?


In which of state is the Continental Divide located?

The Continental Divide separates the watershed of the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans meaning that drainage down the east of the mountain range will go into the Atlantic, while westward drainage will flow into the Pacific. The Continental Divide in the United States is located in the Rocky Mountain Range. The states that contain the Great Divide from north to south: - Montana - Idaho - Wyoming - Colorado - New Mexico - Arizona

What is watershed in a sentence?

A watershed is also called a drainage basin. An example of a sentence using the word "watershed" is "The watershed north of the Laurentian Divide drains into Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean, whereas the watershed south of the Laurentian Divide drains into the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. "