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A watch cap, sometimes referred to as a ski cap, is a snug-fitted knit hat with a roll at the bottom. The term originates from naval Watchmen who wore these types of hats while on "watch" during cold weather. A beanie is very similar to a watch cap, although it does not have the roll at the bottom and fits closely on the head without additional material extending from the top.

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Q: What is the difference between a watch cap and a beanie?
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What are the different types of army headwear?

Beret, patrol cap, boonie hat, helmet, peaked cap, watch cap, polar beanie

What is a beanie?

A beanie is a cap which is made to fit the head closely, often knitted from wool.

Another name for a woolen cap?

A beanie or toque/tuque (Canada) is a name for a woolen cap.

What do you call a Cleric's cap?

The 'cap' (beanie) worn by some priests, and all bishops, cardinals and the pope is called a zucchetto.

What type of hat begins with the letter B?

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