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The portico is found at the exterior of the building; it is the porch that leads to the door. The vestibule is found just after you enter the building; it is an ante-chamber.

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Q: What is the difference between a vestibule and a portico?
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The vestibule

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In anatomy, the vestibule is a structure in the inner ear that serves as a passage leading to the cochlea, which is responsible for hearing. It helps in maintaining balance and spatial orientation by detecting movements of the head.

What is a sentence using portico?

A portico is a kind of porch with a roof and columns. We added a portico to the house last summer.

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What is a sentence for vestibule?

vestibule have 2 meaning also it is nounone thing is (formal)an entrance hall of a large building, for example where hats and coats can be leftsecond thing is (technical) a space at the end of coach/ car on a train that connects it with the next coach/car

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