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Stock and sights.

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Q: What is the difference between a trap gun and sporting clay shotgun?
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Difference between a trap gun and a sporting clay gun?

Stock dimensions and sights

What is the difference between browning citori hipostrib sporting clay and special sporting edition?

I haver never heard of a hipostrib variation in the Citori line.

What is the browning xs?

This is an Over/under Sporting Clay Shotgun. XS is the model type

What is the price of a browning sporting clay lighting shotgun?

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

What is a good Sporting clay shotgun?

recommend taking a look at the Browning Sporting Clay Models. These guns are as good as they get and would be a good invesment. Take a look at their current models at the link below.

What are the different types of shotgun competition?

Skeet International Trap Continental Trap Sporting Clay Now there are more "involving" shotguns but these are primary only shotgun competitions.

Is there a difference in between extruded clay and modeling clay?

Why yes there is. An extruded clay is something pushed out by a machine and modeling clay is handled by man.

What is clay sporting?

Its a kind of shooting game

Where can one find videos on how to shoot sporting clays?

Shoot sporting clay videos can be found at YouTube, International Sporting Clays, Clay Coach Online, Quiet Dust Shooting, Popular Mechanics, and Bass Pro Shops.

What is the difference between brown and white clay?

One is brown and the other is white.

What is Clay Shooting Games?

This is a kind of shooting games. World sporting UK provides clay shooting games

Should I get a katana or a shotgun?

The katana would make a good display piece, but there is not much else you can use it for, unless you want to become a samurai. On the other hand a shotgun could be used for sporting (clay pigeon, target shooting), hunting or even defensive purposes. If you want a good display piece- Katana. If you want something you can use- shotgun.