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A quotation uses the original author's words, but a paraphrase uses the essay writer's words.

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A translation and paraphrase is very different. Paraphrasing is taking the direct quotes from The Bible and making a summary. However a translation opens up the door to having different interpretations depending on the language.

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A paraphrase you put in your own words, but keep the essence of the thoughts or quotes. A quote is a direct statement of a person.

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Q: What is the difference between a translation and a paraphrase to the bible?
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What is the difference between translation and versions of the bibles?

AnswerA version of the Bible is a translation of the entire Bible or a part of it.

What is the difference between a New Testament Bible and New International Bible?

A New Testament bible is not specifically a certain translation. It is just a bible without the old testament. A New International Bible (or NIV) is a certain translation of the bible to make it easier to understand.

What is the difference in the living bible and the living translation?

The Living Bible paraphrase is a thought for thought translation on each verse rather than a word for word and written by Kenneth Taylor. The New Living Translation is more of a word for word translation, where the Hebrew or Greek is difficult to translate into English the translators have used thought for thought to help make Gods Word easier to understand. No Bible is an exact word for word as there is no (and or the etc.) in Hebrew or Greek. Both these Bibles honour Jesus Christ.

What is the difference between a Holy Bible and a Bible?

There is no difference at all.

Where can you find a translation of the verse in the Living Bible 1 Corinthians chapter six verse twelve?

At the 'BibleGateway' link below, you can find a wide range of translations of this verse, as well as the Living Bible's paraphrase. Type in the verse, and choose the particular translation you want to use.

What is the difference between the World English Translation and the New International Version of the Bible?

The World English Translation is a 'word-for-word' translation in modern English. This Bible includes Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books. The New International Version is a 'thought-for-thought' translation in English - created in mid 1960s. It does not include additional writings.

What is different between Bible and Scripture?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between an NASB Thinline Bible and a traditional KJV Bible?

The difference between the two bibles are very important. The NASB Thinline Bible is for travel as it is smaller while the KJV Bible is for usage at home.

Is there a difference between a Nelson Bible and a Scofield Bible?

they're two different objects.

When was Institute for Bible Translation created?

Institute for Bible Translation was created in 1973.

What was the first Bible translation?

the first translation was in English while the first bible printed was called guttenbergs bible.

What is the difference between books and acts in the Bible?

books informs while acts in the bible transforms