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snipers have special guns equipped with scopes and accurate aiming equipment, a sharpshooter can aim a gun accurately by dexterity, experience, and good eyesight without all the accuracy equipment

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Q: What is the difference between a sniper and sharpshooter?
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Who is highly skilled at shooting a gun?

A marksman, sharpshooter, rifleman, sniper.

What is the German word for sniper?

There are two possibilities Scharfschuetze (sharpshooter,marksman, sniper) or Heckenschuetze which is probably more what you want.

What is the difference between a well l96 airsoft sniper rifle and a well l96 awp sniper rifle?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between a marine sniper and an army sniper?

the marines are the best snipers hand down

Can a 48 year old trained sniper enlist the us army and go to combat as a sniper?

Cutoff age is 42 for the Army. Even as a trained sniper/sharpshooter, you have to consider that what you were trained for (I'm assuming law enforcement) is significantly different or more oriented on one aspect of it than military sniper training is.

Was the 270 caliber ever used as a sniper rifle?

Some law enforcement agencies have used the .270 as a sharpshooter's weapon, but it was never military issue.

What as better acurracy A sniper rifle with a handle or a sniper rifle with out one?

The handle makes no difference.

What is the difference between sniper rifle and sniper?

A sniper is an individual who is highly skilled in shooting and marksmanship, specializing in long-range precision shooting. A sniper rifle, on the other hand, is the firearm or weapon that a sniper uses. It is specifically designed to be accurate and effective at long distances, often equipped with a telescopic sight and other features to enhance accuracy and stealth.

What is the name of Bret hart's finisher?


What type of gun does a sharpshooter use?

Some police use a 700, while some sniper teams in a war use a barret 50 cal or an m1. Some hitmen use 308s

What is the duration of Sharpshooter film?

The duration of Sharpshooter - film - is 1.48 hours.

When was Sharpshooter - film - created?

Sharpshooter - film - was created on 2007-10-11.