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A scarf goes around your head, face or neck to keep your neck/face/head warm. A muffler goes over your hands, putting your hand in each end. A scarf is a long band of fabric. A muffler is a short, round, hollow roll.

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Nope...your hands go in a muff...not a muffler
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No, that's a muff. A muffled is a thick winter s arf. You wear it round your neck.

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Q: What is the difference between a scarf and a muffler?
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The muffler is part of the exhaust system.

What is a five letter word for muffler?

Scarf is a five letter word for muffler.

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A square scarf? Prolly a muffler scarf?

What are the different ways to tie a scarf or a muffler?

why do u need to know this ?

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the only difference is the price you will pay as long as they are the same series mufflers

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mini dress mini skirt mittens mask muffler (synonym for scarf) mink coat

What is the difference between a muffler and a silencer?

If are referring to an automobile or truck, then it is two different words for the same thing. I am not certain, but believe "silencer" was more used by the English while "muffler" is the common word in the States.

Is there any difference between scarf and shawl?

What we wear in the western countries for winter is a scarf and the scarf kinda thing used by the people of India, Pakistan etc is know as a shawl. There is no much difference the only difference between scarf and shawl is the size, and most of the time differ only width.Scarf - Size of scarf normally varies from 10cm -40cm in width and 120cm - 200 cm in length. Among scarves also they differ a lot in size. Specially summer and winter scarves.Shawl - Shawls mostly come 80-110 cm wide to 180 cm - 210 cm long.(As you can see there is not great difference between size of stole and shawl. Traditionally shawl was popular word in India, Pakistan and Nepal. But now it has been widely adopted in west also. And in past shawl was used for winter only and were made from only pure wool)

Clothing item that starts with an m?

Mackintosh (raincoat) mini-skirt midi-skirt maxi-skirt muff (fur hand warmer) muffler (winter scarf)

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You can use a lightweight scarf with a heavier curtain and it will not make a difference . The lightweight scarf will acctually hold better than a heavier one .

What is the difference of scarfs and scarves?

scarves is past presentence and scarf is a nouon