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A ronin is a samurai.

Samurai was a status in Japan. A ronin was simply someone of samurai status that had no clan affiliation.

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Q: What is the difference between a samurai and a ronin?
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What were samurai soldiers without lords called?

A samurai without a lord was called a Ronin

When a samurai no longer has a master what is he called?

Ronin are samurai without a master

What is it called when samurai break away from there group?

When a Samurai has no master, they are referred to as Ronin I believe.

What is the difference between a samurai and shogun?

The difference between a shogun and a samurai is like the difference between a king and a knight.

What warriors have no masters in medieval japan?

Ronin who were master-less Samurai .

What are the ranks of the samurai?

they are the positions in which a samurai serves his daimyo

Who did the samurai defer to?

The samurai were responsible only to their master who in turn were part of a chain of alliances ranging up to the emperor. Samurai had no lateral responsibility and if told to attacker kill an equal would do so without hesitation. Ronin (masterless samurai) were pretty much on their own. Challenges were e met, failure to accept challenges was not an option for samurai or ronin.

Who were the lesser warriors in japan?

You may may be thinking of 'Ronin', who were Samurai without a master to serve.

How do you say rogue warriors in Japanese?

A masterless Samurai is called a 'Ronin' (literally: drifting person).

What are the names of the samurai anime?

Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai Champloo

What did Japanese samurai people use the katana sword for?

In the mid-evil time like the Saxons and Germanic tribes, the Japanese developed an advanced feudal system. On the Bushi fighting scale the Samurai was the warrior before you became a Samurai your title would be Ninja the lowest rank on the Bushi fighting scale. Samurai usually always served under a shogon who was their master, and would send Samurai off to fight other tribes and factions in mid-evil Japan. there were also Daimyos who would hire Samurai for protection of their estates and families. then there were also Ronin who were "Masterless Samurai" Ronin were first Samurai but if a Samurai's Shogon or Daimyo dies they are no longer their vassels and are free to raom sworn to no-one. Ronin were usually Mercs. The Samurai were used as the perfect fighting machine and were basically in a sense Japanese Knights or vassels.

What was the ancient Japanese social classes?

Emperor, Shogun, Daimyo, Samurai*, Peasants, Artisan, and Merchants. *There are also Ronin, which are Samurai without a Daimyo (because he/she was killed, committed seppuku, etc.).