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one is a just a lifeless crystal and the other is a living tree with cells

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Q: What is the difference between a salt crystal and a living tree?
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How can you tell the difference between crystal meth and rock salt?

You Really can't

Are crystals grown with salt considered a living thing?

No. A salt crystal is not considered a living thing.

How is salt useful in your daily life?

It is useful because it brings taste to food. Also because of the shape you are able to tell the difference between salt and sugar. The shape of salt is crystal; granular.

With interaction is responsible for the force of attraction between the particals in salt crystal?

A salt crystal, such as NaCl, is held together by an ionic bond, or force, between the element sodium and chlorine.

What is the difference between kosher salt and table salt?

The size of the salt granule.

What is the nutritional difference between sea salt and rock salt?


What is the physical difference between salt and sugar?

salt is salty, sugar is sugary

What is the difference between a rock salt and gold ring?

what is difference in a gold ring and rock salt

What is the difference between saltwater and water with salt?

it has way more particles in it salt water does not water with salt

Equation salt crystal garden?

The ammonia in the salt crystal garden is mixed with the aluiminum

What happens when you bend a salt crystal?

The crystal is broken.

What is the difference between still water and salt water?

it has salt in it and flat water is fresh