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QO2100 and QO2100CP are the same part. The "CP" at the end stands for "contractor packaging" or "commercial packaging", it depends on whether or not the Square D Distributor is sending the breaker to another distributor, hardware store, etc.

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Q: What is the difference between a qo2100 and qo2100cp 100amp breaker?
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100amp breaker is 100amp on both phases or one phase?

A two pole breaker protects both L1 and L2 legs. An over current on either leg will trip the breaker.

What is the maxi fuse resistance?


I have 100 amp breaker box I want to put a 60amp double pole breaker in and run 60 amp wire to me garage. Do the y make a 60 amp breaker box with more then 4 breaker slots. or can you run 60 amp wire?

Rated for exactly 60amps you will find limited breaker spaces due to the rating of the hardware used in it's construction and air circulation restrictions from the equivalent limited enclosure area. When rated at a determined amperage level it is required to construct the device based on the worse case possible scenario which includes a continuous running load. This will determine it's minimum standards according to local and national codes for hardware, room, spacing, and, layout. This does not limit you to only this size panel though. As long as you install the 60amp breaker first in your house panel anything installed down stream {from the load side of the 60amp breaker will be protected up to 60 amps. Therefore you are permitted to exceed those ratings and still remain within code because regardless of what your load is, it can not exceed 60 amps without tripping the breaker. You can install a 12/24 {12-full size or 24-half size [mini's]} 100amp panel for additional breaker spaces and the cost difference is negligible. One code issue to consider is if the sub panel in the garage is not in line of sight of that 60amp breaker then you might want to install another 60amp breaker in the garage panel to interrupt the incoming power giving you the ability to work on/in the garage panel without the possibility of someone re-energizing it mistakenly. I would suggest before this to consult with an electrician for a load calculation to determine if there is 60amps of available power in the 100amp panel in the home. This panel may not have an over-current 100amp main breaker which means it is possible to exceed the panel rating of this unprotected panel. Installing a 100amp over-current device {breaker, fused safety switch, fuse block etc...} like your 60 amp breaker to the garage it will limit the total load to only 100amps. Good Luck and obtain all permits and full understanding of the project and safety protocols in it's regards.

What kva in 240volt 100amp supply?

The formula you are looking for is volts x amps divided by 1000.

What size wire do you need for a 100amp braker?

Service entrance wire should be AWG #3 copper.

What size breaker would i use to add a 100amp subpanel?

Any size two pole breaker up to the value of 100 amps. Just make sure that the wire used to connect to the sub panel from the main panel is of a size to correspond to the breaker size. Wire amperages at 90 degrees C are, 30 amp #10, 40 amp #8, 55 amp #6, 95 amps #4,110 amps #3. Also keep in mind to look and see if the sub panel is rated at 100% or 80% load capacity. If it is only 80% load capacity then reduce the amperage rating of the conductors by 80% to obtain their new capacity rating.

How do you find the current rating of a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker, like a switch, turns power on and off by moving one conductor to touch or not touch another conductor. The gap when not touching has to be large enough that electrons cannot pass through the air to the other conductor, producing a spark. The larger the voltage, the farther it can pass through the air, and the larger the gap must be. So the rated voltage of a circuit breaker or a fuse is the largest voltage it can safely control.

100 amp breaker on outside pole what causes power to shut off or lights flickering?

Well the most probable answer is that you are exceeding your electrical load limits. This means that all the circuits on that 100amp breaker, i.e. ligts, outlets,etc are drawing more than the 100 amps you have available. You can most likely fix this by installing a higher amp main breaker, however if you do that you also need to check and possible install larger circuit breakers. Also you might want to check all your grounding and make sure you actually have all your outlets and lighting going to "earth ground", and if you have any GFCI circuits which would be in the bathroom or the kitchen and they are tripping due to excess amp draw or a short, this also could be a possiblilty.

BMW 318i 1991 E30 4dr can anyone tell me what amp fuse is required for fuse 17 power windows the car has no sunroof?

100amp on a RCD

How many single phase can you run on a 100amp 3 phase?

You can divide a three phase service into (3) single phase circuits providing you have a 4th neutral wire.

100amp fuse blows when turning the car over after the fuel pump changed?

Recheck the wiring around the fuel pump, or check your polarities on the battery. Something is shorting out!

Can you use a 600v fuse in a 120v circut?

Yes, as long as the amp rating is the same. Examples, 600v 100amp fuse can be used in a 120v 100 amp's location.