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a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play

i would reccommed the pool table

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A billiard table is a felt-covered table fitted with six pockets along the perimeter, upon which pool, billiards, or snooker can be played.

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Q: What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?
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How many mushrooms on a bar billiard table?

There are no mushrooms on a billiard or pool table. A bumper pool table has mushrooms, although these are rarely found in bars today. The typical bumper pool table has 8 center mushrooms and 2 at each end.

What is the difference between a pool table light and a billiards table light?

There is no difference.

What is a billiard room?

A billiard room is a room in a house or other building in which there is a billiard table.

Which sport is played on a table with coloured balls and a stick called a cue?

Billiard's or Pool

What game would you play on a billiard table to give you the score of 128?

In straight pool, it is easy to get a score of 128 on the pocket billiards table.

Can a mizerak pool table be re felted?

Yes, there is no difference between the Mizerak pool table and other slate pool tables. It is expected to get new felt due to normal wear.

What is the 'must have' billiard accessory?

What will make your game room awesome will depend a lot on your style. The must have accessories for a pool table are cues, chalk and a pool cue holder.

What are the dimensions of a regulation bumper pool table?

Although there is a National Bumper Pool Association in the US, they have not yet established a set of regulations for equipment and use the Billiard Congress of America rules. The BCA has no rule for bumper pool table regulation size.

Are there shuffleboard tables that fit on top of billiard tables?

No. Shuffleboard tables are intended to have a much lower play area than would result if they were placed on top of a pool table. Most shuffleboard tables could be placed on top of a pool table, but the pool table professionals would recommend against this if you want to maintain the pool table properly.

Where can you find pool gloves for shooting pool?

The best on-line store for purchasing billiard supplies, including gloves is Seybert's Billiard Supply. http:/www.seyberts.como

What are the dimensions of a connelly catalina billiard table?

The Connelly Catalina pool table is an 8 foot table with 6 inch rails and 1 1/4 inch slate. The outside dimensions are 100 inches by 56 inches.

What is rule 4.8 in pool playing on the table?

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) has a Rule 4.8 that describes special rules for racking. For clarity, this rule should be read to prevent misunderstanding, a link is provided below -