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extrusion is different from forging.

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Q: What is the difference between a patio block and a concrete block?
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need quote on installed concrete patio?

need quote on installed concrete patio

How easy is it to work with concrete pavers for a patio?

Our patio needs replacing. How difficult is it to construct a patio ourselves with concrete pavers?

Can I resurface my concrete patio?

My patio is cracked very badly. Can I get the concrete resurfaced or do I need to redo it?

What is the difference between a courtyard and patio?

A patio is a concrete surface located on the ground floor of a building. A balcony is located on the second and higher floors. Both are outside.

What makes pool patio furniture different from regular patio furniture?

One difference between pool patio furniture and regular patio furniture is pool patio furniture is water resistant.

What is the difference between decks and patios?

Generally speaking, a patio is an on-ground deck most commonly made of stone or concrete. A deck is generally a raised surface that is made from wood or composite materials.

what are the benefits of having a concrete patio?

There are several benefits to having a concrete patio. Concrete is very durable and easy to maintain, unlike some wood patios. It can handle different types of weather without affecting the quality of the patio. It Benefits of having a concrete patio include the following: you will not get stains as you would on a wood or deck patio, and its very easy to clean...

What does it cost to seal concrete?

How much does it cost to seal a concrete patio

What is the most durable material used in Patio Pavers?

Concrete patio pavers are deemed to be the most durable ones; next to concrete comes Patio Pavers made of brick and stone which definitely add an elegant look to your patio.

Is concrete patio furniture heavy?

Concrete patio furniture is very heavy. It is impossible to move and can get worn out in the different seasons of the year. It is in fact made out of concrete which isn't very comfortable either.

What's the difference between a patio conversation set and a patio furniture set?

There aren't any differences. Patio conversation sets are the same as a patio furniture set. In fact some items will describe it as a patio conversation furniture set.

Does a concrete patio step need to be on a footing?

Yes, a concrete patio step does in fact need to be on a footing. Without the proper footing foundation, the step will be uneven.