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A freeway has very few stops and a high speed limits. The arterial roads are side roads that have towns and cities along them. The speeds vary from very slow in town and some what faster between towns but not as fast as freeways.

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2014-01-28 18:13:10
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Q: What is the difference between a national freeway and an arterial road?
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What is the difference between highway freeway and arterial highway?

Freeways and arterials are types of highways. A freeway is designed to carry heavy traffic volumes for a long distance. It is designed to provide for mobility with high speed and a very limited (or no) access. Only interchanges are used for road crossings along the freeway. An arterial is designed to carry smaller volumes for shorter distances. It is designed to provide for both mobility and access. Both intersections and interchanges are used for road crossings.

What is the difference between a freeway and a expressway?

Turnpikes have tolls and freeways dont.

What is the difference between a Highway Freeway and an expressway?

Turnpikes have tolls and freeways dont.

What freeway insurances are availiable?

There is no difference between freeway insurance and any other type of auto insurance. Once you are covered by your regular car insurance, it covers all roads, even freeways.

How Freeway to freeway?

To freeway to freeway to have to do what you do.

Driving time between lagos and lisbon?

2h50m by freeway.

What's the difference between a freeway and a highway?

A freeway is a "controlled-access" highway that's designed exclusively for high-speed vehicular traffic and highways typically have lower speed limits, may pass through inhabited areas where there are traffic signals, pedestrians or other slower traffic.

Can you cycle on a national road in South Africa?

This applies to the roads named with N numbers, such as N1, N2, N3 etc. If the national road is NOT a freeway, then you can ride on it with a cycle. Where national roads pass through bigger cities they are upgraded to freeway status and cycling is forbidden. In such cases you must find an alternative route.

What is the grassy part between the lanes of freeway called?

it is called a 'median"

Whats the difference between a highway and a freeway?

A highway is usually smaller (2 lanes) and allows other traffic (bicycles) on it. A freeway, which may not actually be free, if there is a toll, is usually bigger (3-5 lanes) and does not allow other traffic on it. Also, highways are found in mountains and other rural areas, whereas freeways are in between or within big cities.

What freeway do you get to go to chino state prison?

Take the 91 Freeway to the 71 Freeway

What is a sentence with freeway?

it was a traffic jam on the freeway

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