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There is no difference between a bump and a lump.

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Q: What is the difference between a lump and a bump?
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What is the difference between a lump and a knot?

A lump is like a bump in a road, while a knot is wire, or or any string tied up, just like when you tie your shoe.

What is the difference between swelling and lump?


What is a bump?

A bump is a lump like, for example, a bump on your skin or a bump in a road.

What is the difference between a lump sum and annuity?

The difference between a lump sum and annuity is, lump some you get a anywhere between half or 3 quarters of the money. An annuity is where you will get a certain amount of money for a certain amount of years.

Analogy bruise fall bump?


What rhymes with sump?

Bump Chump Pump Lump

How does a bump feel like after you hit your head?

Like a hairy lump

What is the difference between dig and bump?

Dig- burrow into something, creating a hole Bump-collide with something, hit softly, nudge

What does it mean when one of your nuts got a lump or bump on it?

Depends on the nature of the lump/bump. Might be acne (yes, it does happen there), or it could be something much, much, worse, and destined to cause you a whole lot of suffering.

What is the analogy for bruise is to fall as bump is to wound or lump or knock or limp?

It is Knock

What is the difference between a fist bump and a pound?

There is no difference, bumping and pounding are both the same action requiring kinetic force

Why is there a bump on my rat's stomach?

it may be a serois medical conditiion, ask a vet. is the rat old? is the bump big? is the lump swollen? is the bump on a patch of thin skin? where has your rat been? is the bump smooth or scaly or something else?