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The difference between a front loader and a top loader washer is that one has a door on the barrel. This type of washer can be seen in most laundromats that handle large loads of clothes This is general an easier washer for people with mobility issues and it uses less water. The door opens like a front door to a house or a car door. The top load washer has its door on the top of the washer and clothes are put down into the opening. The top load washer can be more difficult for people with mobility issues. This type of machine usually uses more water.

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Q: What is the difference between a front loader and a top loader washer?
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What is the difference between wheel loader and front end loader?

Difference between Front End Loader and Wheel Loader

What is the difference of a front loader to a top loader washing machine?

If u get a top load washer without the agitator like a whirlpool cabrio high efficiency the only difference is about $400. If you are talking about the traditional washer the washer fills up and the agitator cleans the clothes. With the front load and top load HE models they use way less water and friction cleans the clothes.

What's the difference between a front load washer and a normal washer?

The difference between a front load washer and regular washer is that a front load washer has a door in front were clothes are loaded and that is also where washer settings are located. The regular washer is usually a top load where clothes are loaded on top of the washer.

What is the difference between a payloader and a front loader?

Their is no difference, just another name for it.

How do you stop your front loader washer machine from walking on the spin cycle?

Your washer has little "legs" that you can adjust. They usually can be found under the front of the washer and to adjust you unscrew them up or down.

What is the difference between a regular washer and a front load washer?

Front-load simply means that the washing machine door is on the front face of the washing machine, rather than a lid that lifts from the of the washing machine (top load). One would 'load' the clothes into the washer through the open front, hence the name front-load.

Is there any difference between a bulldozer and a front end loader?

A bulldozer pushes things. A front-end loader can accomplish the same tasks as a bulldozer, just with less efficiency, i.e. it doesn't have as big of a scoop. A front-end loader can lift its scoop pretty high and dump it into a dump truck. The only big different is lifting dirt versus pushing it.

What is the best washer for the price?

That's subjective,but the Whirlpool WFW9200S Front Loader has won a lot of praise around the internet and by consumers.

Where can I go to get a new washer machine?

I would go to Sears and get and HE washer. They use less power and water. Which will save you money in the long run. Plus a front loader gets your clothes cleaner ..

Tips for Adjusting to a Front Load Washer and Dryer?

Laundering with a front load washer and dryer may require a few adjustments if you've always used a top-loader: 1. Before buying, practice bending over to put clothes in and take them out of a front-loader. Your body uses different muscles doing this, so be sure you're comfortable with the process. 2. Use the smallest amount of detergent as possible. There is less water in this washer than in a top-loader. 3. Don't cram too many clothes in the washer. They need room to circulate in the water. Remembering these few tips can make your new laundering experience a pleasure.

When was Front End Loader created?

Front End Loader was created in 1991.

Can you use front loader washing powder in a top loader machine?

Of course you can. There is no difference between detergents in regards to the type of washing machine they are used in. It is just a selling point to get the consumer to buy "specialized" detergent that just costs more money.