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There is no difference, bumping and pounding are both the same action requiring kinetic force

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Q: What is the difference between a fist bump and a pound?
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What is a fist pound?

The fist bump (also called Fo' Knucks, fist pound, bro fist, knuckle bump, "props", or a dap) is a type of gesture

What does fist pound mean in slang?

A fist pound is when you make a fist and bump it against the other person's fist, or beat your fist against something.

What does it mean to touch fist between two people?

A "fist bump" means the same as a high five.

What is the meaning of fist bump?

A fist bump is where you make a fist and bump it against the fist of another person. This is a way of showing that you are both in agreement, that something is good or fine, or that something turned out well.

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What is the meaning of volleyball bump?

When you bump a volleyball, you have your arms together with one hand in a fist and the other wrapped around. When the ball comes to you, you simplylean into it with your legs and let it hit the area between the inside of your elbow and your wrist.

What can marijuana socially do to you?

Ignorant people will hate you, and the informed will fist bump you, cause they're chill

What movie or tv show had an awkward handshake fist bump that said french fries?


A greeting starting with f?

A fist bump is a greeting in which two individuals touch fists. It begins with the letter F.

Does Big Time Rush hug guys?

Yes and No most of the times its just a fist bump but sometimes a hug.