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A diverging circuit is one neuron sending impulses to multiple post-synaptic neurons.

A converging circuit is many neurons converging on one post-synaptic membrane.

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Q: What is the difference between a diverging circuit and a converging circuit?
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difference between series is one pathway through circuit,difference between parralal is more then one pathway through circuit.

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a mlln circuit is a data circuit

Which neural circuit enables a single presynaptic stimulation to cause a postsynaptic cell to send a series of impulses?

Diverging Circuit

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what is the difference between miniature circuit breaker and fuse

What is Converging Circuit?

a neural curcuit in which a single impulse is transmitted over and over is a?

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A neuronal circuit that concentrates or directs a large number of incoming impulses to a rather small number of neurons is called?

Converging circuit

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