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A levee is an embankment along a stream that protects land from flooding. Levees can be natural or constructed. A dike is much the same, a protective wall, often to hold back the sea.

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Q: What is the difference between a dike and a levee?
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What is another name for a dike?

a levee

What is the English word for serra in Italian?

serra = levee or dike

Embankment built to prevent a river overflowing?

The only other words that could be used in this context are "dike" and "levee", which comes from the French language meaning 'raised up'.

Who is the biggest dike in America?

The Gibson Lake Levee is the largest dyke in America.

What is a raised area of earth designed to hold back floodwaters?

It is called a "levee". A synonym (from the Netherlands) is "dike".

What does it mean when a levee is breached?

A levee breach or levee failure (the word dike or dyke can also be used instead of levee) is a situation where a levee fails or is intentionally breached, causing the previously contained water to flood the land behind the levee.A breach is when the levee breaks, and was unable to hold the water it was built for...not when it overflows....a common misconception....

What do you call a wall that holds back water?

A wall that holds back water is a dike, levee or dam

What is a barrier that redicts water called?

It is known as a dam or dam wall. Another structure would be a dike or a levee.

What is the difference between a dike and a vein deposit?

Vein :mass of rock which occupy fissures in other rocks, Dike is sedimentary layer cuts across preexisting rocks.

What is the difference between a dam and a levee?

Dam- a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level. used for electricity or water supply. Levee- a structure designed to prevent or control a flood

What is an embankment built along the side of a river to control fooding called?

An embankment built along the side of a river to control flooding can be called several things. Probably levee is the most common, but it can be dike or floodbank. It can also be called what you called it, an embankment.

What are dikes and levees?

A dike is a wall or barrier built, usually to hold back the sea. A levee is the raised bank of a river or canal, to prevent overflows in times of flood.