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I'm not a 100% but a think that withdrawal is when you take money out of your bank account. And a deposit is when you put money in your bank account.

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Q: What is the difference between a deposit slip and a withdrawal slip?
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What is the difference between a deposit slip check and a check register?

the difference between a "deposit slip" and a check register? A deposit slip is intended specifically for what it states, depositing funds into your acct. it is a signed slip stating the amount, date, etc, of your deposit. A check register is a balance book you keep of all your banking records, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

What is the difference in counter deposit and deposit?

A counter deposit is made using a blank deposit slip furnished by the bank - the depositor has to write in their own name and account number. A deposit is typically made with a pre-printed deposit slip that the depositor brings to the bank with them.

What is the difference between slip and slide?

what's the difference between slip and slide

What is withdrawal slip and its uses?

Write here the required information found I the withdrawal slip

When filling out a sbi bank withdrawal slip what do you need?

When filling out a SNI bank withdrawal slip a person will need to know there name, account number, and how much to withdrawal. A person must sign the withdrawal slip.

Jordan already has a checking account. She wants to deposit a check that she received from her aunt for her birthday. What should Jordan do?

Sign the back of the check, complete a deposit slip, and bring it to the teller.

What is a cash deposit slip?

A cash deposit slip is the same as a receipt, it is proof of your deposit, how much it is when you deposited etc.

What document is used to withdraw money from a current banking account?

Withdrawal slip.

What is slip and slip motor?

the difference between the synchronous speed and actual speed is called as slip

When is a deposit slip given to a person?

When they deposit money

What is a saving deposit slip?

A deposit slip issued by your bank for depositing money or checks into your savings account.

What id difference between mod banlance and avilable balance on ATM slip?

mod bal means money on deposit,available bal means current balance in ur account