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An antidote typically refers to an agent that counters the effect of a poison or harmful substance ingested into the body by various means. A cure is more general term for a remedy for a disease (or more broadly any problem)

E.g. An antidote for a food additive that causes an allergy

A cure for a headache

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Q: What is the difference between a cure and an antidote?
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What is the difference between an anecdote and a antidote?

an anecdote is a personal narrative interjected into a literary piece to supplement the syntactical patterns and rhetorical stratagies, whereas an antidote is a cure (generally counteracting poisons)

What is the synonym for antidote?

Cure perhaps

What is the different between an ''anecdote'' and an ''antidote''?

anecdote is a small interesting narration of some event in literature while antidote(medicine) to nullify or opposes as a cure for some aliment/poison etc.

Where does the word Pedicure originate from?

Pedi=foot Cure=another word for an antidote aka Foot antidote

What is the difference between an anecdote and an antidote?

Anecdote is the way things work and Antitode is a chemicla

What was the eventual cure for the matoba virus in outbreak?


How do you spell anticdote?

The correct spelling of the word is "antidote" (cure for a poison, or for a problem).

What you need is a antidote for ending a speech?

No, what you need is an ANECDOTE for ending a speech. Anecdote - a short, amusing or interesting story Antidote - a cure or remedy

Is there a cure mustard gas?

Yes It's called mustard gas antidote. Google it if you wish.

What is the antidote for clotrimazole allergy?

There is no miracle cure/antidote for any allergies-however they can be controlled through avoiding contact with the known allergen-or through antihistamines which can be bought over the counter.

What are synonyms and antonyms for the word poison?

Antonyms: antidote, cure, tonic Synonyms: toxin, venom, miasma

What is the antonym of the word poison?

If you're using using it as a noun, then possible antonyms include "antidote" or "cure." If used as a verb, antonyms include "to cure", "to heal", or "to cleanse."