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1.soil creep is a slow process where as mud flow is a sudden and fast process.

2.soil creep doesn't cause any disaster where as mud flow is disastrous.

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Q: What is the difference between a creep and a mudflow?
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What are landslides mudflow slump and creep examples of?

mass movement

What is the difference between a lahar and a mudflow?

A lahar is a specific type of mudflow formed primarily of volcanic material.

What is the difference between a mudflow and an earth-flow?

Mudflow is downslope movement of water that contains large amount of suspended clay and silt.

What are the five agents of mass movement?

Landslide,rockfall,mudflow,and creep there is only 4

What is difference between a landslide and a creep?

one is water and the other is land

What is difference between landslide and creep?

Mass movement is a fast process in the formation of landslides.Mass movement is a slow process in the formation of creep.

What is the difference between landslides and mudflows?

A landslide is the most destructive type of mass movement, and a mudflow is the rapid movement of a mixture of water, rock, and soil.

Difference between Stress relaxation test and creep test?

Creep - increase in deformation while load is cst Relaxation - decrease in load while deformation is cst.

How are mudslides and mudflows similar?

There is no difference. The term mudslide is simply a misnomer for mudflow.

What is the difference between groundhogs and moles?

moles are big creep ground hogs and ground hogs cuter

What is the difference between the book and movie of Coraline?

Everything I hated the movie it's just really creep and stupid

How do use mudflow in a sentence?

The heavy rains caused a mudflow. The mudflow came down the hill and hit the village.