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Foreman Is An Instructor who Gives Instructions To Operating Core About Their Routine Tasks .. In other Words We Can Say That He Translates & Convey The Message Of Middle Line Officers To Operating Core & Also Guide Operating Core How To Work If There Is an uncertan thing happens at low level e.g if there ian an little error in a machine any trube to trakel with it.... He Has The Direct Role In Production.

Where as a supervisor is an other body appointed by a middle line manager level of manager to have check on operating core including foreman... he don't have any specific role or at direct role in production.

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I am a Construction Superintendent/Safety Officer for a construction company. What I can tell you is that my duties include

scheduling of trades, materials, and identifying a beginning and end date of work

inspecting work and ensuring its completed on time within budget and what was identified at the pre construction meeting and in blue prints

in constant communication with the client, trade supervisors, and project managers

record keeping, as far as cost and scheduling.

that's basically it. i have other duties since i am a safety officer as well but that one is kind of self-explainitory.

Ill try and give an example: If my company were awarded a job, we would have a few people working on it. a project manager(in charge of all paperwork, budgets,etc.), an estimator(in charge of proposals, cost of work, etc.) and then a superintendent(me). I would be the guy on the ground at the site everyday getting things done, so to speak. if we hired a general contractor(meaning, the GC has numerous sub-contractors working for him like a plumber, a HVAC company, a carpenter) The GC or someone on his staff would have a Foreman in charge of all the subs that are working for him. So, the superintendent is in charge of the entire job, the foreman is in charge of whatever trades apply. For example, the job is to construct new walls, paint, retrofit bathrooms, and replace engine bay doors for a fire station. It could turn out that the GC hired has no experience with bay doors and dosent have/know a company that does so. We would then, hire a company that does so and only the superintendent would be in charge of him and not the foreman since the foreman's company is not paying them to do the work. A superintendent and a foreman are basically the same thing. There are many variations of them both and how they can be at the same job site, or just one or the other on a job.

Sorry for the very lengthy response. This is the best way i know how to explain it. Also, it depends on what type of construction it is as well. If its a small job under 50,000 vs. a large job in the millions the whole dynamic changes.

Hope this helps

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The supervisor will oversee the tasks the superintendent doles out.

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Based on what I have been told by site superintendents, it's the same thing.

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Q: What is the difference between a construction manager and superintendent?
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