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A clap is when you clap your hands like a blade. Your fingers are straight up and down and you do not wrap your fingers together. A clasp is when you clap with your hands and you wrap one hand over the other. Cheerleaders usually clasp right before a jump or a stunt.

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Q: What is the difference between a cheer CLAP and a cheer CLASP?
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Give you a cheer?

Like thunder and lightening -clap clap clap- We'll strike you down Cause the mighty mighty_____________s -clap clap clap- Have come to town!!

What are synonyms for clap?

applaud, cheer, acclaim

How do you do the Pepsi Cola Cheer?

Pepsi Cola Cheer/Pepsi Cola Dance Song Pepsi-Cola, Pep-pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola, Pep-pepsi-Cola I can slide and slide And do the Butterfly I can dip and dip And shake my little hips I want you and you To do it with me too Front (clap, clap, clap, clap) Back (clap, clap, clap, clap) Side (clap, clap, clap, clap) Side (clap, clap, clap, clap) Front, back, side, side I can do my butterfly Five, six, seven eight, Let me see your booty shake!

What are synonyms for cheer?

applaud, hail, acclaim, clap, ovation, plaudits, acclamation

How do you say let's go south Korea in Korean?

Kk.. dae-humn-min-guk!! clap clap clap clap clap! (cheering type of clause, known by all koreans and first used in world cups to cheer on players

How would you encourage a learner in the classroom situation?

you would clap and cheer and swear at other people

What is another word for clapping?

Applause, bang, cheer, pat, or slap. Those words mean clap.

What is a good basketball cheer?

cookies cookies cookies and cream whats the matter with the other team? notin notin nothin at all they just *clap clap* cant play ball! (:

Name something a competitive parent does at their child's little league game?

Shout Clap/Cheer Argue with ref Brag

What are some tips to making up a cheer and the motions to go with it I'm on an all star cheerleading team so we pretty much cheer for ourselves?

First off, your cheer should include the name of your gym. It should be sprited and promote pride. If your gym has a theme, you might want to incorporate it into your cheer Here are a few examples: Hayden's Twisters: We told you, we warned you But you resisted Mess with Hayden's and youll be CLAP CLAP Twisted! Fame Allstars: Fame Allstars Comming at you live! Lights Camera Action CLAP CLAP Take 5! Riptide Allstars: Red flags are up Danger is near Procede with caution Riptide is here! Cheer Extreme: We are Extreme The best ever Teal, black, and white Now and Forever! You want to incorporate potions and stunts that's match what your cheer is saying. For example, if you ended your cheer by shouting Wildcats, Jags, or someting like that you could have everyone turn to the audience and make cat claws

How do people of distract 12 show their dissaproval off the hunger games during the reaping?

They don't clap or cheer when tributes are chosen.

What is a simple sideline cheer?

lets go (teams name) lets go! clap clap -repeat as many times as you want go (teams name) lets beat (appoanet name) clap clp cause what we're gonna beat the whoops out of u! (point to the appoanet team)