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• Access link: An access link is a link that is part of only one VLAN, and normally access links are for end devices. Any device attached to an access link is unaware of a VLAN membership. An access-link connection can understand only standard Ethernet frames. Switches remove any VLAN information from the frame before it is sent to an access-link device.

• Trunk link: A Trunk link can carry multiple VLAN traffic and normally a trunk link is used to connect switches to other switches or to routers. To identify the VLAN that a frame belongs to, Cisco switches support different identification techniques (VLAN Frame tagging). Our focus for CCNA examination is on Inter-Switch Link (ISL) and 802.1Q.

A trunk link is not assigned to a specific VLAN. Many VLAN traffic can be transported between switches using a single physical trunk link.

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Q: What is the difference between a access port and a trunk port?
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