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A "Christian" is someone who says that they believe God, but go out and live any way they want to live. Sometimes they try to justify it using scripture, but they are just distorting the truth. In reality they are still lost.

A committed Christian is someone who actually lives according to God's precepts and want to further their relationship with Him. You can see in their lives that they are truly committed to God by the way that they live and act around you, and even what they do when people are dissing what they believe.

A committed Christian sticks with God no matter what. Yes, sometimes their faith may be shaken, but in the end they should come out stronger having trusted God all the way through their trials.

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A Christian is someone who identifies as a follower of Christ. A committed Christian, on the other hand, is someone who actively practices their faith, seeks to live in accordance with Christian teachings, and is dedicated to growing in their relationship with God. Being a committed Christian involves a consistent effort to align one's actions and beliefs with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Q: What is the difference between a Christian and a committed Christian?
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