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Generally speaking, the .45 caliber bullet is larger in diameter and heavier than a 9mm bullet.

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The main difference between a 9mm and a .45 caliber bullet is the diameter. A 9mm bullet has a diameter of 9 millimeters, while a .45 caliber bullet has a diameter of .45 inches. The .45 caliber bullet is larger and generally heavier than the 9mm bullet, resulting in differences in recoil, speed, and stopping power.

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Q: What is the difference between a 9mm bullet and a 45 cal bullet?
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What is a measure of quantity of heat?

The measure of quantity of heat is given by the unit calorie (cal) or joule (J). Heat is a form of energy that is transferred between objects due to a temperature difference.

What is the highest speed of a bullet?

The speed of a bullet can vary depending on the type of firearm used, but some bullets can travel at speeds exceeding 3000 feet per second (around 1000 meters per second). The fastest bullets are typically fired from high-powered rifles or military firearms.

If a bullet travels at 1100 fps how far would a 50 caliber travel?

The distance a bullet travels depends on many factors including air resistance, bullet weight, and bullet design. As a general estimate, a .50 caliber bullet traveling at 1100 feet per second could travel approximately 1-2 miles if fired at an angle of 45 degrees.

How much would a bullet have to slow down to be visible to humans?

A bullet would have to slow down significantly to be visible to the human eye. When a bullet is fired at supersonic speeds, it travels faster than the speed at which the eye can perceive movement, making it appear invisible. As the bullet slows down to subsonic speeds, its visibility would increase as it moves at a speed closer to the eye's perception threshold.

How far will a 50 BMG bullet travel?

A .50 BMG bullet can travel over 4 miles if fired horizontally, but its effective range is typically around 1.5 miles. The bullet's trajectory and distance can be influenced by various factors such as the angle of fire, bullet weight, and atmospheric conditions.

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What is the difference between 9mm and 40 caliber?

9mm = .355 40 cal = .40

What is the difference between a 357 cal bullet and a 45 cal bullet?

Both terms describe the diameter of the bullet in decimal parts of an inch. For example, a .357 bullet is 357 thousands of an inch in diameter and the .45 bullet is 45 hundredths of an inch in diameter. These labels of bullets are most common in the United States. Much of the world refers to bullet sizes in metric terms, i.e. 9mm means a bullet that is 9 millimeters in diameter.

What is the difference between a browning hi power in 9mm and one in .40 cal?

The caliber for one.

What is the difference from 38 cal to 380 cal?

the 380 is a 9mm short

What caliber bullet does the TMP use?

4.5 cal (9mm) like most guns

Can you shoot 9mm bullet in a 38 super pistol?

no, although the diameter of the bullet is about the same .356 for 9mm and 357/358 for the 38 cal. that metal cases will not interchange with other guns. i.e., the 9mm case does not feed in a 38 nor will a 38 feed in a 9mm..................

What is the difference between a 9mm handgun and a 380cal?

The 9mm Lugar round is longer than a .380 Caliber, which is also equal to 9mm in diameter. The overall cartridge and the bullet is larger and the case contains more powder. The 9mm Lugar is more powerful. BTW, the .40 cal Smith and Wesson is also called a 10mm. It is only 1mm larger in diameter and a little more powerful than a 9mm Lugar.

What is the difference between a 357 cal bullet and a 38 Cal Bullet?

The .357 has a longer case and a heavier bullet; it is identical to a .38 in diameter but far more powerful. This is why a .38 will fire in a .357 but not the other way around.

What is the difference between the 41cal bullet and the 44cal bullet?

The diameter. A .41 cal is about 41/100ths of an inch, and a .44 cal about .44/100ths of an inch, In real life, the measurements may be slightly different, but in general, the .44 cal is larger.

Can you shoot a 9mm bullet in a 40 cal pistol?

uuhhh... no, you cannot fire a 9mm parabellum through a .40 s&w.9mm converted to inches is .35 now you see that .40 is a little wider.

What is difference between 22 cal and 22 cal long rifle ammo?

22 caliber is the diameter of the bullet. 22 cal. comes in BBcap, short, long and long rifle

Which bullet is more powerful the 9mm or the 40 cal?

All else being equal, the one that has more foot pounds of energy.