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one is a 410, the other a 20

That was something I already knew.......The caliber is different, they require different bullets, however, what about the kick. Is there much recoil difference between the two. I thought this was a place for serious answers and discussions not wise cracks from people who don't know their weapons. Some of us ask to learn not to be treated as if we are stupid.

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Q: What is the difference between a 410 and 20 gauge shotgun?
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What is the difference between a 410 and a 12 gauge shotgun?

Size of the bore. 12 gauge is bigger.

What is the value of eaa 410 gauge shotgun?

What is the value oof a .410 gauge shotgun

What is a 410 gun?

A "410" is the smallest gauge of shotgun.

What is the value of a 410 gauge Mossberg model 500e shotgun?

The value of a Mossberg Model 500e 410 gauge shotgun overages between $200 and 300. The actual value of the shotgun is largely determined by its overall condition.

Is a 4 10 shotgun the same as a 20 gauge gun?

Yes, a "20 gauge" is just another word for the .410 shotgun.

What pistol cartrige is 410 gauge?

There have been several handguns made that fire .410 shotgun shells- most recently the Taurus Judge. By the way, .410 is actually a caliber of shotgun, not a gauge. A .410 shotshell is about 67 gauge- but no one uses that designation.

What caliber is a 410 shotgun?

The 410 Shotgun is really .410 Caliber. Unlike all other sizes of shotgun, (10,12,16,20,28gauge), the 410 is measured in caliber. I believe it works out to something like 36 gauge. So the 410 shotgun is .41 Caliber

What is difference between 410 gauage and 28 gauage shotgun shell?

28 is bigger. .550 vs .410

How old is a savage pump 410?

A Savage pump 410 gauge shotgun is between 25 and 50 years old. Once a popular shotgun for recreational shooters, they are difficult to find due to their age.

Is there such a thing as a 44 gauge shotgun?

Any old shotgun stamped "44 Cal." or using the number 44 is chambered for the cartridge which eventually was modified into today's .410 gauge bore. They reportedly fire the .410 ok, but are not as good generally as the true .410 shotgun.

What is a Cooey model 840 410 gauge shotgun worth?

150 - 200 bucks in .410

What is a 4.10 shotgun?

I believe you are referring to a .410 (pronounced four ten) shotgun. This is a shotgun chambered in .410 caliber, which is different from other shotguns that are measured in gauge.