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the 40 cal is a little bigger then the 357

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Q: What is the difference between a 357 caliber and a 40 caliber?
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Which is bigger 357 or 40 caliber?


Can you use a 357 glock magazine in a 40 caliber glock?

No. The 357 SIG magazine will not fit in a 40 caliber Glock such as the model 22.

What is the difference between 40 caliber and 45 caliber.?

@ .05 inches

What is the difference between a 40 caliber shell and a 40 sw?

the maker.

What is the difference between 9mm and 40 caliber?

9mm = .355 40 cal = .40

Can you shoot a 357 sig bullet from a 40 caliber revolver?


What is the difference in kick back between 9mm 357 sig and 40mm?

9mm will have the least kick, follwed by the 40, then the 357.

Can you shoot a 40 caliber bullet from a 357 snub nose gun?


What is the difference between a 357 caliber firearm and a 357 SIG?

The term 'caliber' can refer to the actual diameter of the bore in inches or to a name given to a particular cartridge. The name may reflect the actual caliber, or not. In the case of .357 Magnum the name is the true measurement, while cartridges like .38 Special and .38/40 Winchester, also known as the .38 WCF both refer to .38 caliber while the caliber is actually .400" for .38/40 and .357" for .38 Special.What this means is that there are multiple guns that take different cartridges that can be described as ".357 caliber firearm". This would include guns chambered for .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .357 Maximum, and so forth, including several rifle cartridges, but, ironically, not guns in .357 SIG.The .357 SIG cartridge is an approximately .40 caliber case necked down to .355" diameter. The .355" bullets are used in the 9mm family of ammo (9mm Luger and .380 ACP/9mm Kurz).The name is a marketing gimmick. It alludes to the idea that .357 SIG gives similar ballistics to the very popular .357 Magnum revolver cartridge. The difference is that the shorter rimless case of the .357 SIG makes designing semi-automatic pistols for it much easier.SIG Sauer does not presently make firearms in .357 Magnum, but does offer several models in .357 SIG.

What is the difference between a 357 sig and a 9mm gun?

The .357 Sig is a 9mm projectile, loaded into a necked down .40 S&W casing.

What is the difference between a browning hi power in 9mm and one in .40 cal?

The caliber for one.

What is the difference between 45 and 40 caliber bullet?

There are various difference, but the most common answer would be the .45 is .05 of an inch larger in diameter than a .40.