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The 30-30 is a rimmed cartridge, versus the .308, which has a rimless cartridge. The 30-30 has much lower energy than the .308, and is typically loaded with a flat tipped bullet, due to the number of lever action 30-30s that had a tubular magazine. The .308 typically has a spitzer (pointed) bullet.

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Q: What is the difference between a 308 and a 30-30?
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The .30-06 is 12mm longer, and has a flatter trajectory.

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Neck angles, headspacing, pressure generated by the cartridge when fired.

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The .308 Winchester and the 7.62 NATO cartridges are similar in size, but slightly different in chambering, thickness of the cartridge case, and pressures in loading. The 7.62 NATO cartridge may be safely fired in a .308 Winchester firearm. The reverse is not always true.

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