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22 is a rimfire, 222 is a centerfire.

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Q: What is the difference between a 22 caliber and a 222 caliber?
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What is the caliber of 222 rifle?

A .222 is a .22 cal center fire weapon at fires a .222 round

What is the difference between 177 and 22 rifles?

The 22 is slightly larger in caliber

What is the difference between a 22 caliber and 9mm caliber bullet?

The .22 bullet is smaller than the 9mm in size, (about 6mm) and is lighter in weight.

What is the difference between a .22 caliber bullet and a .32 caliber bullet?

The .22 caliber bullet is ABOUT .22 inches wide. A .32 bullet is about .32 inches wide. The bullet will also be heavier due to size.

What is the diffence between a 22 caliber and a 25 caliber pistol bullet?

If you're talking about the difference between a .22 short or long rifle and a .25 ACP, the .22 is a rimfire cartridge and the .25 is a centerfire. Also, the .25 is .03 of an inch larger in diamter.

What is the difference between a 38 caliber pistol and a 22 caliber pistol?

The 22 is a very small bullet and the 38 is about 4 times larger. The pistols however may be about the same size but will be chambered accordingly.

The difference of a 22 rifle and a BB gun?

A 22 caliber rifle is a firearm and a BB gun is an air gun (Not a firearm) Now if you are asking about a .22 caliber air gun then the difference is in the size of the projectile. A BB is a hard round .175 caliber ball. The .22 caliber is a larger size pellet.

What is difference between 22 cal and 22 cal long rifle ammo?

22 caliber is the diameter of the bullet. 22 cal. comes in BBcap, short, long and long rifle

What is the difference between a 22 mag and a 22 cal?

Length of the case. <><><> Despite the similar names, .22 Magnum also has a slightly larger diameter than a caliber 22. LR cartridge.

What is the difference between a crosman 101 and 100?

The model 100 is a .177 caliber air rifle. The model 101 is a .22 Caliber rifle. Basically the same air rifle just different calibers.

What does a 22 caliber pistol hold?

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester Fieldmaster Model 121?

Winchester didn't make it, Remington did. Worth 222-350 depending on condition and lust level of buyer