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Teeth are made of hard bone and enamel. The gizzard is a muscular structure.

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Q: What is the difference between Teeth and gizzard.?
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Compare and contrast an earthworm gizzard to teeth in other animals?

The gizzard is like teeth in an animal because the gizzard grinds down the soil into bits.

How do birds chew food when they don't have teeth?

The answer lies in a bird's stomach-in the lower part of its stomach called the gizzard. The gizzard does the teeth's work. But rather than teeth the gizzard uses small rocks, shells, and sand to break apart hard foods. So it is like the bird swallows hard grains and the gizzard does the teeth work.

What human body part serves as a gizzard?


What is a difference between the digestive system of the annelid and the fish?

fish have a bladder and a stomach. worms have a crop, gizzard, and intestine.

What is the difference between tiger teeth and elephant teeth?

tiger teeth are sharp and elephant teeth are soft

What is the difference between primary teeth and permanent teeth?

10 teeth. pry teeth is 22 while permanent teeth is 32

What is the difference between hamster teeth and rat teeth?

really nothing hamsters teeth are just smaller

What is the Difference between milk teeth andpermanent teeth?

Milk teeth are temperory teeth.There are no pre molars.

Describe and explain the difference in muscularity between the crop and the gizzard?

The gizzard is used to manually grind and break down food and the crop stores it.

What do you call that has been removed to the gizzard?

I have to guess what you mean. What has been removed to the gizzard depends on which direction you mean. On one side it is the intestines and on the other side it is the throat. Birds have no teeth. The gizzard is used by birds to grind the food they eat, much as our teeth do. Birds will ingest small stones and sand to do this. The gizzard is a muscular organ and as it contracts it grinds the food eaten with the stones and sand. The food then passes on to the stomach. The material in the gizzard is food that is in the process of being ground and small stones and sand.

What organ of a human is similar to a chicken gizzard?

The mouth with teeth help to grind food into smaller pieces. This has a similar function to a bird's gizzard.

What is the difference between teeth and tusks?

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