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they both have different brands and the shoes are made to look completely different like nikes h

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Yes they are.

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Q: What is the difference between Nikes and vans?
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What are better nikes or vans?

Vans baby

What did the rich Tudors wear for shoes?

Vans, Nikes and Converse.

What is the difference between retro jordans and air max?

Air Max are Nikes not Jordans.

What kind of shoes did he wear?

nikes. im guessing... maybe vans? OH, or sketchers. yanno?

What is the difference between vans era and vans authentic?

The difference between the Vans Authentic and the Vans Era shoe is the stitching. if you look at them closely, the Vans Authentic has less stitching and no padded lip around the mouth. The Era has the padded lip around the mouth and also has more stitching on the body.

What kind of boots does Taylor Lautner wear at the movies in the movie new moon?

Taylor Lautner's shoe size is 11-and-a-1/2.

How different are cheap Nikes from expensive ones?

Cheap Nikes are usually imitations of the original Nikes. There is not much of a difference in the two, because the fake Nikes still have the same quality and amazing style as the originals.

What kind of shoes should i buy to go with my skinny jeans?

vans, keds,heels,nikes,addadis,converse,and reboxs

What shoes do cole and Dylan Sprouse wear?

Mostly Vans, Occasionally Dylan Might Wear some Supra Skytops, Or some Nikes But yea, Cole only Really wears Vans

How can you dress like a jerker?

You can wear nikes or vans,studded belts, bright graphic tees, and skinny jeans (that can also be colored)

What shoes does Lil' Wayne wear?

Adidas Originals Nike Converse Supra Vans Air Jordan Louis Vuitton A Bathing Ape Gucci

What is the difference between Vans and Rabens?

the easy answer is that that are different brands, but one reason is that they make different shoes.