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I think you meant LCD's and GCD's.

GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)

It is the largest positive integer that divides the numbers without a remainder.

LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)

It is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of the denominators.

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2012-01-24 15:51:36
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Q: What is the difference between MCD'S and LCD's?
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What is difference between lcd monitor and crt monitor?

lcds are smallerand CRTs are larger in shape crts areprone to flickerand LCDs are free from flicker.because they do not rely on a scaning electron beam

Is mcds the best?

no cause theres actully better out there somewhere

Why are LCDs replacing CRTs?

LCDs require less power than CRTs, they also do not flicker.

What is the difference between ips capacitive touchscreen and tft capasitive touch screen?

IPS stands for in-plane switching. An IPS-LCD is a type of thin display that offers better viewing angles than TFT-LCDs. IPS-LCDs feature two transistors for each pixel, where TFT-LCDs use just one. This requires a more powerful backlight, which delivers more accurate colors, and allows the screen to be viewed from a wider angle. The downside is that an IPS-LCD may consume more power than a TFT-LCD. IPS-LCDs typically are found on high-end cell phones and portable devices.

What are the differences between plasma and LCD tv's?

The difference between plasma and LCD tv's are; LCDs are light weight, compact, portable, easy on the eyes and less expensive. Plasmas work through a series of cells that traps the xenon and neon gas in plasma to form light.

What are LCDs and how are they used?

An "LCD" is a Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs are used as parts of computer monitors and as displays in calculators, watches etc.

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Lcd or crt?

LCDs are much higher resolution.

Who makes Proscan lcds?

Owned by RCA, check it out on Wikipedia

What is the difference between an LED television and an LCD television?

An LED television uses light emitting diodes to provide backlighting for its screen, whereas traditional LCDs use flourescent lights for backlighting. The LEDs can be dimmed in sections at a time, rather than only as a whole like in LCDs; this means that an LED TV will be capable of producing more visible contrast in dark scenes. Many LEDs are also better at accurately displaying color than their LCD competitors.

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Does LCD screen get warm?

Not noticeably. LCDs are very low-power.

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