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what is the difference between utilization category A and B of MCCB's

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Q: What is the difference between MCCB Type B C and D?
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Difference between class A classBclassABclassC amplifier?

Difference is in the work spot of voltage. Because of that, difference is in the graphics too. Also, angle(A)>180 , 90<angle(B)<180, angle(C)<90

What is the difference between differential amplifier and summing amplifier?

mje b nae ata, jb pta chla bta dena

Can an Industrial Engineer work as a Electrical Engineer?

No, There's difference b/w that work. If they no how to work then they can do!

What type cable is less affected by the skin affect?

A: braided B: Solid C: Standed

What are MCB types?

MCBs are classified according to tripping over range of fault current as follows:Type B MCBType C MCBType D MCBType B:This type of MCB trips between 3 and 5 times full load current. Type B devices are mainly used in residential applications or light commercial applications where connected loads are primarily lighting fixtures, domestic appliances with mainly resistive elements. The surge current levels in such cases are relatively low.Type C:This type of MCB trips between 5 and 10 times full load current. This is used in commercial or industrial type of applications where there could be chances of higher values of short circuit currents in the circuit. The connected loads are mainly inductive in nature (e.g. induction motors) or fluorescent lighting.Type D:This type of MCB trips between 10 and 20 times full load current. These MCBs are use in specialty industrial / commercial uses where current inrush can be very high. Examples include transformers or X-ray machines, large winding motors etc.

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What is the difference between MCCB and ACB?

there is three difference in ACB and MCCB, 1- ACB on off operation is easy as com pair to mccb because acb having charged spring force. 2- acb having much delay time period (category A) and mccb having low time period (category B) 3- the main diffidence is that acb having high raptching capacity and mccb are low.

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