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they are basically the same except that the SE is a bit less in options and in price. the main difference in options is in the interior leather quality and steering electronic adjustment as well as the dash board finishing.

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Q: What is the difference between HSE and SE?
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What is difference between Range rover sport hse and se?

The HSE is more comfortable inside.

What is the difference between range rover hse and hst?

difference between Range Rover HSE / HST

What is difference between hse and vogue range rover?

The vogue has more specs the hse

What does HSE stand for in range rover HSE and what are the differences from a standard range rover?

High Specification Edition A HSE is the lowest spec for the l322 (unless its for the police then they do an SE) On a P38 series Range Rover HSE is one of the base models, but not the lowest. The lowest is 'County SE' , then HSE, then Vogue, then Vogue se Vogue LSE (range rover classic ) then 'Autobiography'.

What is the difference between Dodge Journey SE and SXT?

What is the difference between a Dodge Journey SE and a Dodge Journey SXT

What is the difference between Matiz Se and Se plus and that about the safety?

se has not got electric windows like the se plus,otherwise no difference.

What does SE stand for in range rover?

SE means it has a 4.0 liter engine HSE means it has a 4.6 liter engine

What is the difference between range rover hose and vogue?

Think you mean HSE, the difference is not much the vogue is meant to have more accessories but virtually and practically the same but I know that the new 2011 range rovers do not come as a vogue they come as hse and not vogue.

Difference between Nissan almeera and almeera se?

i just want to know the difference between nissa almeera and Nissan almeers se. can you just explain about it

Difference between Honda civic SE and SI?

...the difference is in the second letter... ;)

What is difference between Honda Accord EX and SE trunk size?

No difference at all.

What is the difference between 99.9 silver and 999.9 silver?

No se