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The prefix mega means million (1,000,000) and the prefix giga means billion (1,000,000,000). So a gigawatt hour is a thousand megawatt hours.

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Q: What is the difference between Gigawatts hour and Megawatts?
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1660 megawatts is equivalent to?

1,660 megawatts is equivalent to: -- 1.66 gigawatts -- 1,660,000 kilowatts -- 1,660,000,000 watts -- 1,600,000 Kwh per hour -- 5,976,000,000,000 joules per hour -- 2,225,201 horsepower (rounded) . . etc.

What is 5793.553 megawatts-hours to megawatts?

The megawatt-hour is unit of energy. The megawatt is unit of power. So, conversion is impossible.Let me know 5793.553 megawatts-hour (assume E) were obtained over what period of time in hours (assume T), then the average value for the megawatts (assume P) is:P = E / T

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How can calculate megawatt to Tons Per Hour?

You can't convert between these units. Tons per hour is a (truly archaic) measure of cooling capacity. Megawatts is a measure of power.

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How many watts in a gigawatts?

1000. A megawatt-hour is the energy you'd get with a megawatt of power for 1 hour. Energy = power * time. It's important to note that it's 'megawatt hour' and not megawatt/hour (ie. it's not megawatt per hour).A gigawatt has 1000 times the power of a megawatt. Thus, since the time is the same (both 1 hour), a gigawatt-hour = 1000 megawatt hours.

How many megawatts does a large coal fired power plant produce in a hour?

100 mega watts

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