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A Facebook account is registered for an individual. A Facebook page is set up for a business/brand.

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Q: What is the difference between Facebook account and Facebook page?
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What is the difference between facebook fan page and business page?

There is no difference.

How do you link my personal Facebook account to my Facebook fan page?

There is no to need to link the account if you are the admin of your page then your profile account is directly linked to the Facebook Fan Page

Does perrie Edwards have an instagram account or official facebook page?

Yes, Perrie Edwards does have an Instagram account and an official Facebook page. The Facebook page is PerrieEdwardsUK and is listed as the official page.

What is the difference between regular Facebook and Facebook Workplace?

Regular Facebook is a page where people can meet friends and family while facebook workplace is a page where the people who made facebook is suppose to be keeping facebook up.Facebook workplace is basically a page where people is working on facebook.

What is the difference between a Facebook and a MySpace?

Facebook and Myspace=A MySpace is just a page where you can choose what people write and a Facebook is just a page where you cannot choose what people write. I guess.=

How does one create an account on Facebook?

You can create an account on Facebook by visiting the Facebook website. Once on the page, fill out the form on the front page to proceed with the registration process.

Do you have to have Facebook account to have a fan page?

Yes, you need to have a facebook account to create and manage a fan page. Your account will be the admin of the page that you're going to make. However, you can view other facebook fan pages even without an account but you are not capable of liking and writing comment to it.

Does Answers have a Facebook page?

Yes, they do! Answers has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest a page. Check below for the links!

What is bam margeras Facebook?

bam margera does not have a personal facebook account but he has a facebook page

Can you delete your facebook page and keep your fan page?

You can do this if your fan page has 2 or more admins. But if you own a page solely you can delete your facebook account together with the fan page. So, make sure to have another admin before deleting your personal facebook account.

Does Bridget Mendler have a Facebook?

she has a facebook page that you can post on. But you wont find her actual Facebook account.

Does Joshua Woodard have a Facebook page?

yes josh Woodard does have a Facebook account.