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One is a rockstar and the other one is a bug

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Q: What is the difference between Elvis and The Beatles?
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Who was most popular Elvis or The Beatles?

The Beatles were more popular, as they have sold more albums than Elvis.

Who has the biggest following now elvis or the beatles?

The Beatles. Elvis has 17 number ones and the Beatles have 25, more than any other band

Who sold more records world wide the beatles or Elvis?

The Beatles (2.3 Billion)Elvis (600 million)

Who made the most songs the beatles or Elvis Presley?

Elvis did.

Who likes The Beatles in the outsiders?

cherry and marcia like the beatles and think Elvis is out, and Pony, Johnny, and Two-bit think the beatles are rank and Elvis is tough.

What was the beatles inspriation?

Elvis Presley

Who are the singers that influwinst the beatles?


Who did Elvis inspire?

The Beatles actually

Did the Beatles tour with Elvis Presley?

Yes, but sadly The Beatles were eaten by the great Elvis Presley after touring.

Who broke Elvis Presley's record?

The Beatles

Did Elvis protest The Beatles?

Nope... He certianly did not

Did The Beatles look up to Elvis?