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efficiency is capacity of engine to produce power from fuel supplied while cop is how effectively energy is used to obtain the desired effect

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Q: What is the difference between Efficiency and Coefficient of Performance?
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What is difference between efficiency and performance?

Efficiency is like a ratio. The higher the efficiency the less you have to put in or the more you get out. Performance is just how fast or how much it can make of something. Example: A hybrid car has a high efficiency because you get more mileage than say a muscle car, but the muscle car has higher performance because it goes faster and has more power.

What is the Meaning of management efficiency and effectiveness?

Between efficiency and effectiveness which one is more important for performance

What is the difference between allocative and technical efficiency?

no difference

What is the difference between factors and coefficient?

The difference between factors and coefficient is very distinct. A factor is a quantity which is multiplied with another to give a particular number as the result. A coefficient on the other hand is a multiplier that measures property.

What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency and why?

effectiveness refers to the ability to produce the desired results. efficiency refers to the correctness of the produced result ex; effectiveness is like making an engine of high performance and efficiency is like the extent to which it works and reach the goal of the manufacture

Difference between mechanical advantage and efficiency?

Mechanical advantage is a ratio of forces. Efficiency is a ratio of powers.

What is difference between high pressure liquid chromatography and high performance lequid chromatography?

there is no difference between high pressure and performance chromatography

What is the difference between the coefficient of static friction and the coefficient of kinetic friction?

coefficient of static friction is the value needed to get the object moving, while coefficient of kinetic friction is the value needed to keep the object moving

What is the difference between 8086 and 186 Pentium microprocessor in terms of efficiency?


Difference between technical efficiency and economic efficiency?

technical efficiency is related to change in output due to change in input and economic efficiency refers to a number of related concepts.

What is the difference between academic achievement and performance?

The difference between academic achievement and performance is definitely their spelling. though they have letters in common but then they have different meaning...thank you....

What is the difference between performance and success of a team?


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