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The Present Chief Complaint tells about the major reason which resulted in the admission of a patient in a hospital or to visit a doctor. The History Of presenting complaint includes all the reasons that aggravated the present illness. It includes the past history of the present complaint.

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Q: What is the difference between Chief complaint vs history of present illness?
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What does chief complaint mean in medical terms?

Chief Complaint in medical terms means the reason for the patient's visit, usually in the patient's own words or in the words of a caregiver for family member.

Which elements of the EM level is subjective?

Chief Complaint (CC), History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of System (ROS), Past, Family, and Social History (PFSH)

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How will the duration of chief complaint be determined?

Since the chief complaint is in the patient's words, his or her account of her illness or symptom will determine the duration of the complaint. If someone says, "I've had this rash since I came back from Aruba three weeks ago," the duration of the chief complaint is three weeks.

What does the medical abbreviation HPI mean?

HPI stands for "History of Present Illness"

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