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750 - 950 rounds per minute

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Q: What is the cycle rate of fire in automatic mode for the m4a1?
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What is the cycle rate of fire in automatic mode for the M4A1 rifle?

750 - 950 rounds per minute

Does M4A1 fire in full auto?

Yes. The M4A1 is a variant of the M4 carbine that replaces the three-round burst mode with fully automatic fire. Both rifles can also fire in semi-automatic mode.

What is the cyclic rate of fire in automatic mode for the m4a1?

700 - 900 rounds per minute.

What is the cyclic rate of fire in automatic mode for the M4A1 rifle?

700 - 900 rounds per minute.

What is the cyclic rate fire in automatic mode for the m4a1 rifle?

700 - 900 rounds per minute.

What would you rather have an m4 or m16?

It really depends on the situation: The M4a1 carbine is often used by counter terrorist on indoor operations because of their small size and rate of fire. The M4 has a burst fire mode rather than an automatic fire mode. It is very effective in urban settings. The M16 is amazingly accurate and lighter than an AK47. Usually every squad or so has a back up M16a4 incase they are facing an enemy at a long range. Personally I would take an M4a1

Does the m4 have a full auto option?

It is capable of semi-auto or 3 round burst mode. However the M4A1 and Diemaco (now Colt Canada) C8 do have a full auto fire mode, rather than the three round burst.

How do automatic guns work?

Automatic firearms work with a kind of "manual conveyor belt" mechanism. Tapping the trigger will fire a single round, akin to semi-auto fire. Holding the trigger activates a small set of gears that turn at a remarkable rate, ejecting an empty shell and replacing it with a fresh round at a continuous rate. Semi-auto doesn't have that same mechanism, or it is rendered inactive in semi-auto fire mode. The rate of fire is determined by how quickly multiple rounds are shot, or how quickly the gears turn. Examples of auto fire weapons are the SAW and M4A1, the latter having a semi-auto fire option.

What is NXL mode for paintball guns?

NXL mode on paintball markers is the mode used by the National X-ball League. When in NXL mode the marker fires semi automatic for the first 3 trigger pulls, after that the gun will fire Full-Automatic if the trigger is held. NXL is capped at 15 Balls Per Second.

What do marines prefer the fire mode of the m16?

Like any professional sane soldier from any where around the world, the US Marines prefer the semi-automatic rate of fire.

What makes a Glock automatic?

Glock's are for the most part, NOT automatic. They are SEMI-Automatic which means that each time the trigger is pulled, the firearm discharges one round. There are a few (most aren't in the US) Glock Model 18's that are what is know as "select fire" models. These models allow the user to select between semi auto mode and full auto mode. Fully automatic fire is when the trigger is depressed, the firearm discharges ammunition at a certain rate until either the mag- azine is empty, or the trigger is released.

Idms - insertion is automatic?

The answer is yes if the insertion mode in set option is automatic