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This model if new in the box(unfired) will bring 465.00 dollars.

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Q: What is the current value of a new in box Winchester 1300 stainless marine shotgun?
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What does serial number L1860854 mean on a Winchester model 1200 stainless marine 12 gauge shotgun?

It sounds like to me that you have the Winchester model 1200 police stainless model.The serial number just means the number assigned to your shotgun during the time of production,nothing more.The Winchester model 1200 series shotguns were produced from 1964-1981.The serial number was mandated by the goverment with the passage of the gun control act of 1968.

What is the value of a stainless 12 gauge Winchester Model 12 shotgun serial 254114 in fair condition?

Well, actually the Winchester Stainless Marine is worth about $450.00 in fair condition. I currently own one myself and have been doing the research and have attended numerous gun shows here in San Antonio. Hold onto that Winchester! They are going up in value by the day...

Any idea how much a Winchester 12GA stainless steel marine 1300 shotgun is worth it's never been shot?

$700 just bought one GREAT FIRE ARMS GO SHOOT IT!!!!

What is the value of a Winchester 12 gauge stainless steel marine shotgun?

With proper documents and original box and in very good + condition, it is worth about $500 Dollars. My personal opinion it is worth $800 Dollars since they were produced in limited quantities.

I have a Winchester 1200 stainless marine with synthetic wood stock and pump all of the barrel mag tube and receiver is all bright stainless in 99 percent condition how much is it worth?

300 is way off maybe 300 for a used 1300 coastal marine but not a 1200 pristine condition stainess marine, it worth more like 700+ most people don't realize what they have because most blue books show only 1300 coastal and defenders. the 1200 police and marine are 100 percent stainless as the 1300 are only barrel and or mag tube in stainless. i wouldn't sell it for less than 700

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What is a Winchester 94 marine 30 30?

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Winchester model 1300 stainless marine 12 gauge value chrome plated snl2982314?

I just picked up an un-fired (new) old stock one with black stock and forearm shiny chrome ss 6+1 for $440.00 out the door if that helps?

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